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What is Radix?

Radix is fundamentally a Layer 1 Distributed Ledger Technology, and has a unique approach to solving the issues that face DeFi today as well as the challenges of tomorrow. Radix’s application layer, called Radix Engine will enable the world’s first asset-oriented smart contract programming language Scrypto to run on the Radix network. Besides the XRD utility token, and the wrapped version eXRD.

Low Fees

Radix is efficient, and its fees are quite low compared to other popular protocols. Sending tokens generally costs less than .1 XRD, and Radix will keep transaction costs low in terms of fiat value. You can learn more about the fee schedule here:

Fast Transactions

Radix is fast, and will get a lot faster. Transaction times settle in 5 seconds or less (most are usually sub-second), and the Radix roadmap has a clear path to achieving millions of transactions per second.

Future-Proof Technology

Radix isn’t messing around. The technology that is being developed and that will be released between 2022 and 2023 is powerful and scalable. See the official roadmap to learn more:

Growing Ecosystem

New projects are launching, and the radix ecosystem is growing. Check out our Ecosystem page to see some the projects live on, and being built on Radix. When Olympia is launched in q1 2023, and Scrypto code becomes deployable on the Radix mainnet, our ecosystem and community will only get bigger. If you’re building dApps, see why Radix is great for developers.

Passionate Community

Check out the official Telegram and discord and see it for yourself. There are always community members online ready to answer questions and help you navigate the radix ecosystem.

Strong Team At Radix Works

Piers Ridyard, CEO of RDX Works @PiersRidyard drives Radix forward. Dan Hughes, Founder of RDX Work @fuserleer, pushes the boundaries of what is possible for DeFi, and shows the scale that Radix can handle with novel use-cases on his research net via his Twitter and Twitch accounts.