Built for Developers

Scrypto is a Game Changer. Mainnet Launch in Q1 2023.

Scrypto is the worlds first asset-oriented smart contract programming language. It’s built on Rust, and it’s going to make your life as a dApp developer much easier. Creating and moving assets are core functionality, so you can focus on building your dApps’ business logic and design.

Save Time

Scrypto reduces complexity by handling asset behavior, error checking and other mundane logic that dApps need.

Earn Royalties From Your Code

If you contribute to our on-ledger blueprint catalog, when other dApps use your components the on-network royalty system will directly reward you.

Go To Market Faster

The component library works both ways. You can also use other developers’ components in your dapps to accelerate your project’s growth.

Seamless Interaction Between dApps

With Scrypto, your dApps can safely and reliably interact with the other dApps built in our increasingly vibrant ecosystem. Scrypto code will be easily deployable at the Babylon release later in 2022.

Secure By Design

Build complex flows and applications designs that are inherently easy to audit. Scrypto code is easy to write, easy to read, and extremely difficult to hide malicious logic.

Scalable, Fast and Low Fee

Radix’s underlying technology avoids the limitations that blockchains suffer from entirely, without having to worry about messy multi-layer patchwork approaches. You never have to worry about L2 solutions becoming a thing on the Radix network. There simply is no use case for them since Radix’s L1 solution is scalable and future proof.

Supportive Community

Check out the Telegram and Discord to see it for yourself.